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3 Amazing Real Estate Photography Tips that will Impress Your Customers

Duncan Avenue Photography Studio

Homes keep going on and off the market every day and therefore, real estate photography is always sought-after. Photographing real estate may appear a bit tricky in the beginning. However, there are certain tips with which beautiful photos of your real estate can be produced.

1. Identify the Right Time

If you see the real estate listing photography by Hudson Valley’s best real estate photographer – Duncan Avenue Photography Studio, you’ll notice that choosing the right time to capture the real estate photos is extremely important. Prefer scheduling the photo shoot at the daytime, because you can get a lot of bright natural light, and intense colors in your photos.

Some people prefer to photograph real estates at the time of sunset, which is also a good idea, because the sunset time also can give you some of the best shots. However, here keeping the sun behind the house is very important. This will give you some really good lighting.

If it’s a cloudy day, you should pick another time for photography. There are several apps which will let you know the weather condition in advance so that you can plan your shoot at the right time.

2. Scout the Property in Advance

As with any subject, real estate too should not be photographed in rush. Take your time to learn every shade and mood of the house. It’s a good idea to walk around the house and yard before the actual photo session and take a few shots. Take a few photos of each room, façade and backyard.

Then examine these shots carefully to learn about the features that would be important in professional photos. This will help you see details that appear indiscernible in the first look but actually are of great importance.

Also, this approach will help you ensure that the house is prepared for shooting. Plus, you can also get some time to rectify some flaws.

Take a few photos of each room

3. Turn all the Lights On

Lights have a great impact on photos and help achieve various effects. It actually depends on what you want to achieve. For example, if you want some coziness and warmth in your photos, you may want additional light. However, it should also be remembered that such shots need light temperature rectification during photo editing. Shooting with lights off can offer a balanced temperature, but then photos may look very cold.

Remember these tips while shooting real estates and enjoy impressing your customers!