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3 Amazing Tips to Capture Perfect Photos for Save the Date Cards

personalized wedding save the dates

When it comes to the pictures on save the date cards, it’s best to capture the pre-wedding or engagement photos that will suit the cards. It’s needless to say that for this, you’ll need your camera and camera equipment in top shape so as to capture quality photos. Another task is to choose a picturesque location and wardrobe for the couple. Here are a few useful tips to capture perfect save the date pictures.

1. Use Correct Lenses

It’s absolutely a must to use appropriate lenses to obtain creative personalized wedding save the dates images. Correct lenses allow you to take shots with a different focal length lens or make use of an aperture with a wide depth of field (for example F/1.2).

While getting some close-up shots, it’s advisable to use a few prime lenses which have a fixed focal length and therefore they cannot zoom. Due to the absence of one ring, they are less complicated to operate. Manufacturing of these lenses is more focused on image quality, contrast and sharpness.

These lenses typically have a fast wide aperture, usually f/2.8 and faster. 50mm and 35mm are the most popular prime lenses. But when you wish to capture the portraits of the bride and groom on their engagement or pre-wedding photo shoot, 85mm or 105mm are the most preferable lenses.

Also keep a few wide angle lenses which will help you include the nice background in your shots which will make the save-the-date cards look more beautiful.

personalized wedding save the dates

2. Make Sure the Lighting is Appropriate

Perfect lighting is another must for perfect pictures. It helps build a story in the pictures. You have the option of using controlled lighting with your equipment or using natural lighting which will make your image look more natural.

Position your lights in such a way that the couple may have ample of shadows to create a romantic mood. Otherwise brightening things up is also a good idea.

personalized wedding save the dates

3. Get Perfect Poses

You want the couple to give perfect poses along with positioning them correctly. Make sure they give natural poses and don’t look awkward in the photos. A good idea is to let them interact with each other naturally before starting the photo shoot. Once they are at ease and are free from the stress of being in front of the camera, you can start capturing their photos; but do it without being intrusive.

You can also talk to them beforehand and ask them if they want to prepare their own poses and want any specific angle in their photos.

These tips will help you capturing awesome engagement photos that will make amazing personalized save-the-date cards. Happy photographing!