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3 Important Things to Remember while Photographing a Wedding for the First Time

Indian wedding photography by David Michael PhotographyWhether you are taking photos of your friend’s wedding or doing the same as a professional wedding photographer, capturing a wedding in a camera is a great challenge, but equally fun, because it involves nearly all types of photography, like still life, portraiture, travel and landscape, action and even underwater shots.

So, if you are a beginner, you are going to face so many difficulties. But remember that the job is rewarding. You just have to remember a few tips shared here by an award winning wedding photographer.

1. Prepare a List of Shots

Typically, couples today hire wedding photographers to document their entire day, including the key details. Especially the bride wishes to be able to look back at her wedding photos after several years and remember the beautiful venue and decoration, her own dress, the happiness in the air and so on.

In order to fulfill the couple’s expectations, sit with them before the event and ask them which shots they specifically want. Even if they leave it up to you, later they may want to include more shots if you show them your standard list of shots as below:

  • Prepping shots of bride and groom
  • Main accessories including rings, invitations, jewelry, dress, shoes, bouquets etc.
  • Bride and groom portraits
  • Family portraits
  • Church and reception venue (empty as well as packed)
  • Bridal car and entry
  • Ceremony
  • Décor and menu e.g. cake, flowers, place cards, venue, table settings, favors
  • Reception shots including first dance, toasts and speeches, cake cutting, dance with parents
  • Bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Flower girl and ring bearer
  • Wedding party

Remember to know who the most important members of wedding party are, like immediate family members and closest friends, so that you don’t miss their shots.

le masion talbooth wedding photography bridal portrait by David Michael Photography

2. Understand the Schedule

Besides learning how to capture a wedding in the camera, it’s important to understand the type of wedding you will be shooting. Some weddings have different rituals and symbolisms, and you have to know them so that you don’t miss the very important moments. It’s recommended to get a copy of their program so that you can plan shots accordingly.

Night wedding photography by David Michael Photography

3. Know about the Lighting Conditions in Advance

Visit the venue if you can a few days before the wedding at the same time when the actual wedding will take place so that you can know what type of lighting you can get to work with. If possible, walk through the venue to know what type of lighting you can get at each spot, indoors as well as outdoors. This will enable you to prepare properly and understand what kind of lighting equipment you have to bring along.

Follow these tips and you can cover the wedding excellently and can get further referrals and recommendations to expand your business as a wedding photographer if you want to.