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4 Excellent Vintage Photography Tips

Vintage PhotographyIt was just a short time before the arrival of digital when Instagram came along with the passion for everything vintage. While vintage photos provide a unique look, they can require a great deal of editing. With that said, some vintage looks can be achieved on a digital DSLR with no need of Photoshop. With just some amount of knowledge and pre-tweaking, you will be able to capture vintage-looking photos with no editing needed. Here are 4 easy tips.

1. Pair an Old Film Camera and a Digital Camera Together

One of the most popular Instagram effects is perhaps to make digital images appear aged. But is there any best way to do that? Yes, you can do it by using an actual old camera. However, you need not work with film to use an antique camera. A technique known as viewfinder photography makes it possible to use both a digital and a film camera.

With a viewfinder, photography is quite straightforward. You just have to utilize the viewfinder of the old camera as a “filter” of the digital camera. To shoot with the digital camera through the old camera’s viewfinder, line up both the cameras. Vintage cameras having big viewfinders often work best such as the large waist-level viewfinders on a twin reflex camera normally works the best. However, various types of cameras can give you various effects.

vintage photography

2. Transform to Black & White Straight on the Camera

Most DSLRs and point-and-shoots too can transform your images to black and white and even sepia straight on the camera. This is typically done in two ways, adjusting the shot using in camera editing or adjusting the color prior to shooting

For black and white vintage photography with no conversions, find the color settings of the camera in the menu. Typically there are many options, such as making the colors more intense. Choose the monochrome option and you are done – all your photos will be black and white! If you just want to create an aged look and not black and white, you can do that just by adjusting the color settings in this way. For that 70s look, consider adding more yellow or use a muted color setting and turn up the reds.

If you are not sure if you really want an image in black and white until you have captured it, you can get several cameras with software for converting the images. Locate the image on the LCD screen and go to the editing menu, usually just by hitting the menu button. However, different cameras may work differently.

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3. Convert a DSLR Camera into a Pinhole Camera

Another great way towards that amazing old-film-like effect (of course, without using film) is to form a pinhole cap for your DSLR. It will cost you a body cap, but in the end it’s well worth it. Experts suggest to drill a hole in the body cap of the DSLR and then cover it with a piece of black material. In the end, with a large needle, make the actual pinhole through the black material. With no lens attached, DSLRs will only allow you to shoot in manual mode. Try various shutter speeds to achieve the effect you want. Since pinhole cameras require long shutter speeds, make sure you have a tripod at hand to make the most of your efforts.

4. “Wrong” White Balance

Several aged photos have a golden hue or a warm glow to them. This golden look can be nailed as you shoot, with no post-processing and it’s indeed pretty easy. There are many ways for that, one of which is using the “wrong” white balance. Based on the kind of lighting used in your shooting, you can get the warm glow with one of the preset white balance of the camera.

With these tips, you can do excellent vintage photography, without much of hassle and efforts. So, get that good old effect and praises for your photos!