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5 Amazing Fashion Photography Tips that will Take You to Success

Jonny Flynn fashion photographer LondonA glamorous lifestyle, praise by a huge audience, amazing photo shoots and high paychecks are only a few, among many, reasons why fashion photography is such a sought-after profession. While there are no surefire strategies to get success, there are some small steps you can take to get closer to your dream.

Aspiring fashion photographers may be under an impression that they should get perfect technical aspects and composition; however, the truth is that it’s much more than getting only a technically flawless image. Here are tips shared by Jonny Flynn, a renowned fashion photographer London, that will help you achieve truly outstanding images.

1. Define Your Concept before the Shoot

A thing like over preparation doesn’t exist, particularly when you are new to the field. Inspiration is something that is more likely to disappear when you need it the most.

Actually you will most surely be too worried about every other detail linked with the shoot to focus on what you want to achieve. Hence, define your concept during the days before the shoot. Go through books on makeup, lighting, hair, styling and posing and take the time to collect information to be processed and systematised in a clear way.

Will you be photographing female or male models? What is the aim of this specific shoot? We all have creative processes of our own; however, some steps help crystalise concepts and provide you a clear picture of where you are going.

Jonny Flynn fashion photographer London

2. Be Confident

You should move around with confidence during the shoot. Never show signs of anxiety, stress or absence of direction, even though you are really anxious, stressed or direction-less due to your first shoot. If you do, the performance of your model will be inevitably affected; so, make your models feel comfortable. Make a shot list before the shoot and practise techniques and composition for every shot in your mind.

Prepare your location, clothes and props well ahead of time and be sure to convey your objective, agenda and posing directions clearly and calmly.

3. Remember that it’s All about Beauty and Clothes

Lifestyle photographer London says that fashion photography is all about beauty, style and clothes. Hence pull all components of the scene and the models together to reveal this. For instance, if the shoot is focused on clothes, let hair styling and makeup compliment the clothing and vice versa. If you aim at a seductive or provocative look, choose heavy, dark makeup and over-styled hair; on the other hand, for a natural or innocent feel, choose pastel, subdued hues, soft makeup and gently flowing hair styles. Folk that look unusual bring personality and interest to a piece, while female models having big lips, large almond eyes, small chins and proportionate faces are considered ‘more commercial’.

Jonny Flynn lifestyle photographer London

4. Learn about Posing

Posing can be challenging to master. You can browse through women’s and men’s fashion magazines to focus on a few inspired recommendations so as to get knowledge about what is trending at present. Making use of ‘broken down’ poses or poses with angular body shapes can add edginess and interest to the piece and also make a body look lengthened.

5. Pay Attention to Lighting and Shadows

An ideal place to conduct a fashion shoot is a studio since photographers can have an easy control over lighting and can stabilise conditions. While shooting in a studio, keep in mind to meter all spaces of the scene to keep unwanted shadows away and using a separate light meter instead of the one in your camera, which will provide a more precise reading.

Jonny Flynn fashion photographer London