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6 Important Wedding Photography Styles You Should Know and Master

ARV & MAYK dramatic wedding photography styleAre you planning to take up the career of a wedding photographer? While learning about the various techniques and skills, it’s useful to know that there are various wedding photography styles and if you master them, you can cater the different needs of your clients. Here are some important wedding photography styles.

1. Digital

Now that everything is going digital, how can wedding photography lag behind? This style has become the most common for a reason. Digital photography is instant. While with traditional styles, the newlyweds and their guests could see the wedding photos days after the wedding, digital photos can be seen as a preview on a display screen. Moreover, digital photos can be captured even in low light conditions, a great advantage especially when you are shooting a late afternoon or evening wedding. Moreover you can make the necessary adjustments based upon the preview and make the photos look perfect.

ARV & MAYK digital wedding photography style

2. Film

Film wedding photography has a soft, organic quality and a better range from shadows to highlights. However, this style is more elaborate and more expensive too. Moreover, buying film rolls, processing and photo editing take time too. You have to wait to get photographs back from your lab and then you have to edit them; all in all, there’s at a least a four-week turnaround.

ARV & MAYK Film wedding photography style

3. Classic

Once you decide between film and digital or both combined, you have to consider the appearance of your photos. Here the first option is classic photos which stand the test of time. This style is gorgeous, striking and a little formal. As a photographer, you are looking forward to making the most of even ordinary moments. Explain your clients the beauty of this style and maybe they will be appealed.

ARV & MAYK classic wedding photography style

4. Artistic

When it comes to portraits, they need not be only the couple or the bride or the groom filling the entire frame of the image. You can pair them with unique, artistic things to take the photos to the next level. This style makes the photos very special.

ARV & MAYK artistic wedding photography style

5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle wedding photography can be said to be photojournalism redefined. While it’s candid, it’s done with some styling and direction. It has an amicable feel and a relaxed outcome. A good lifestyle photographer will try to find moments but will also set the scene.

ARV & MAYK Lifestyle wedding photography

6. Dramatic

In dramatic wedding photography style, lighting is the key. You should be able to create your best light if the natural light is not very cooperative on the day of wedding.

ARV & MAYK dramatic wedding photography style

Knowing about these different styles, you now have to master them so that you can show your talent to your clients and build a shining career in wedding photography.