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Portrait Heinrich to Make Your Portraits Look Not Just Good but Great

Portrait HeinrichLightroom is wonderful for portrait editing. It offers a great range of portrait effects from grungy and harsh to dreamy and soft.

Ideally, you should change your technique according to the type of portrait you’re editing while keeping the workflow consistent. And you can do this when you use Portrait Heinrich.

Portrait Heinrich includes more than 80 Lightroom Presets for Portraits including Basic, Black & White, Colour, Heinrich Looks, Skin Enhanced and Portrait Lighting, and Adjustment Brushes including Highlights, Skin Soften, Hair Brush, Contour, Iris Enhancements, Make-up, Digital Blusher and Hair Brush.

Combination of Your Skills and Digital Advancements

Portrait Heinrich offers the digital advancements to combine with your skills and make your portraits look magical. Whatever may be your portrait photography style, each preset of Portrait Heinrich will give you unmatched results. Also whether you are an amateur or a professional, these presets will make your portraits better.


Help to Amateurs

Today’s amateurs not only use cameras but their mobile devices to capture photos. Photos captured with mobile devices may not be on a par with your expectations. In such a condition, Portrait Heinrich comes to your rescue. If you are a phone photographer or an Instagrammer, you can post wonderful photos you’ve taken on your profiles and get wowed appreciations from your followers. Thus you need not worry anymore if you capture bad photos on your mobile device; you can make them look great with Portrait Heinrich!

Favorite of Professionals

Portrait Heinrich is used by professionals and it’s their favorite because it’s been carefully designed specifically for portrait photographers, while other regular Lightroom Presets are designed not particularly for portrait photographers. Because it offers features needed by portrait photographers, they find it extremely useful and so, they are very happy with it.

Adds a Character to Your Portraits

Portraits are more than just a photo. When you capture a portrait with a camera, many essential details can be missed which may make your portrait look ordinary. Portrait Heinrich makes your portraits look great by adding those missing details, extra lines and contours. Thus it adds a character to your portrait.

What does it Offer?

Portrait Heinrich has 7 neatly organized categories of Lightroom Presets such as Basic, Black and White, Colour Vibrancy, Looks, Skin Enhanced and Special Effects for Lights. It also has advanced Lightroom Brushes as mentioned above.

All in all, if you are looking for making your portraits look not just good but great, Portrait Heinrich is a way to do it. Get it and get admiration!