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Top 4 Photography Genres that are Interesting and Lucrative

photography genresIf you are planning to take up a career of a photographer, you will be spoiled for choices. There are so many photography genres which you can specialize in. The choice should depend on what you enjoy the most and which one is the most lucrative. Here are top 4 genres you should consider to make your photography career into.

1) Portraiture

The most classic subject in photography is capturing a person’s thoughts and moods in a photo. There are many ways to execute your ideas, your photos can be body portraits, close ups etc. Usually, the focus of the portraiture photography is the face. The thing you have to look out for the most is that to make sure that the face of your model is in focus, with special attention to the eyes. Make sure that whatever pose your model chooses is flattering for him or her. In order to make people feel relaxed so as to capture their natural expressions, you can tell a joke or talk about your day.

2) Product Photography

Another interesting and lucrative photography genre is product photography in which the photographer’s job is to present a product attractively for advertising purpose. Obviously the photographer should have deep knowledge of his job and a great skill, with which s/he can make a decent earning. Products photography is always in demand for online as well as offline advertising for magazines, brochures, billboards, catalogues, and online ads and websites. See examples of excellent product photography Coconut Product Photography, Seattle, WA, and you can realize how challenging and fun this job is.

3) Food Photography

One of the ongoing trends these days is to share pictures of your food, and everybody seems to be a part of it. It’s usually used by restaurants or small shops to advertise their products, or used by amateurs to show off their fancy lunch. The trick for shooting this type of photography is natural light. Always turn the flash off, because if you don’t it will expose various unwanted elements or even wash out the colors.

4) Landscape Photography

This is the type of photography which can simply portray a scenery or show the serious state and effects of environmental change. Everybody has an urge to catch a beautiful scene when we stumble upon one. But, be careful- you’ll need the right light and moment to do so. Tripods can be handy to avoid camera shakes and thereby capture sharp images. So also, a long shutter speed will be useful for capturing a perfect shot.

If this article was inspiring enough, waste no time, choose your favorite genre and start practicing your newfound love and interest. The same thing you hear over and over again in life goes for perfecting your photography skills too: practice makes it perfect.