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Top 5 Photography Backdrops – How to Choose the Right One

backdrop store snowfall backdropThe background of a professional photograph is one of its most important parts. Photography backdrops are made from many different materials that add different elements to the photos and choosing the right material and style of your backdrop can make a huge difference in the professional appearance of your photos. Thus this task can be as critical as choosing a perfect camera or lens.

Background materials have certain characteristics, like designs and colors, reflectivity, portability, and price depending on which you can choose the most perfect one. It depends on your subject which of these characteristics you want; so you will have to choose the backdrops carefully to achieve the desired effect. At Backdrop Store, you can get a wide range of backdrops in various styles and even custom backdrops. You can watch some of them in this article and many more on their website.

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Here are some types of photography backdrops and their characteristics to help you choose the most appropriate one for you.

1) Vinyl background

Vinyl backgrounds last much longer than thin plastic or paper, and they are easy to clean. Vinyl backgrounds are useful for in-studio photo shoots providing a flawless and smooth textured backdrop. Photographers use a vinyl background because it absorbs light well and is also very useful while photographing pets or babies because they are waterproof and can be easily cleaned. A vinyl backdrop gives a look that can’t be achieved with fabric. Vinyl backdrops can also be used in the form of small vinyl sheets spread on the floor in combination with a fabric backdrop. The Vinyl backdrop is heavier than canvas, so transporting it can be difficult which is why vinyl is the best choice for in-studio shoots.

2) Muslin background

Muslin backdrops are lightweight, low cost and washable. They also offer a wide variety of size, cost and functionality. Muslin can be made of pure cotton or a mix of cotton and polyester and it can be used as a neutral background or a dramatic one, depending on the lighting. The major advantage of muslin background is that it can be packed into a bag for easy transportation, and is versatile and durable. Muslin background is made from non-reflective cotton; they create a professional look with minimal effort and create a unique environment in any location, events, product photo shoots, and video production and also in any studio.

3) Canvas background

Canvas is a high-quality type of backdrop because it is tougher and more durable than other types, and also doesn’t give glare. Canvas backdrops are extremely versatile, heavy-weight and more expensive than muslin. Canvas comes in different patterns, colors and most of the canvas backdrops are hand-painted. Wrinkles in the canvas are not easily removed, so canvas backdrops should not be folded and are therefore bulky for transport.

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4) Seamless paper background

Seamless paper backgrounds are excellent for creating a clean look and they are light-weight and easy to work with and come in every color you want. The advantage of seamless paper is that once it gets dirty, you can simply cut the dirty portion and a fresh sheet is pulled down. The big advantage of seamless paper is that you can paint on them, cut them, tear them up and they get dirty you can throw them out. There are many convenient sizes to choose from and used for art projects, banners and display backgrounds etc.

5) Collapsible background

Collapsible backgrounds are an ideal choice because of the ease of transition it offers from studio to location. These backgrounds are portable, pop out to about six feet long, so they don’t need much of a support system. Most collapsible backgrounds are reversible, providing two background colors/patterns in one.

Knowing about these different types, you can choose the right one based on your need. Backdrop Store is a great place to explore a variety of backdrops and make a right choice. So, choose a right backdrop and make your photos awesome!

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