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3 Awesome Tips for Excellent Commercial Photography

commercial photography 2Once you start shooting and being good at it, you will be inevitably asked if you have an interest in shooting something for money, either for an editorial or commercial photography job. For the sake of discussion, we can call any paid job as a commercial photography. If you want to take up your first assignment, you should pay attention to certain things before you agree to do the job.

Commercial shooting is quite different than shooting as a hobby, primarily because you don’t shoot for yourself; you work for someone else and for a fee. You work with your employer’s vision; so, necessarily the first rule that applies here is to understand your client’s vision.

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1.Establish Requirements and Expectations

Never agree to a job before you know at least roughly what sort of images you should look for. You never know what your client’s thoughts are. If you get an idea of your client’s mind, you can know if you can deliver that quality and standard.

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There are high chances of disputes when the photographer and client assume that they are discussing the same thing, but actually they are not, and when later they realize that their ideas don’t match each other’s. Discuss the job in detail with the client to avoid such disputes.

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2. Know Beforehand what the Images will be Used for

If you know this beforehand, it becomes easy for you to understand your client’s vision. Also you can quote the price according to this usage. For example, you can charge much higher if your image would be used in an ad at national level, than you could when the image is to be displayed in a local poster.

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Also, if you know the usage of image beforehand, you can plan better. Thus, if the image will be seen as a wall mural ad, you will have to talk to the client if s/he requires a medium-format digital back for the highest resolution. But if your client will use the image as a poster or cover, you will have to shoot in a portrait format and allow a space for a title and promotional text.

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3. Preparation

Preparation is essential for commercial photography. As an aspiring talented photographer, you should better start with sketches of the required shots, planning a detailed layout and setup of lighting. Such sketches give very helpful references to plan the images quickly and reduce your stress during the shoot. It also helps your assistants to understand what you require so that you can start the shoot with the client while your assistants can organize everything for you.

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