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3 Awesome Tips for the Best Holiday Photos

holiday photographyThe holiday season has many meanings and layers, depending on the person. Some people look forward to the fact that they’ll be able to spend extra time with family, others look forward to catching up with friends, and there are those who can’t wait to party and paint the town red. However, all of the above have one thing in common – the wish to keep those moments close to the hearts. The best way of doing that is snapping a photo at the right moment. But anything can go wrong in the process, your photos can turn out to be out of focus and that’s regardless of the fact if you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR camera. Fret no more! There are some simple tips and tricks that will make your holiday photography a work of art!

1) Kids’ photos

There’s one extremely simple tip that can drastically improve your holiday photography overall! Sure, you’re looking forward to spending time with adults and friends on such occasions, but if we’re talking honestly, the best photos over the years are the ones with kids on them. They are the ones who change the most as the time passes, and at the same time, precisely those photos are the ones with the most memories attached to them. One important thing to remember when taking a photo of your favorite cousin is to keep the camera at eye level! Perhaps you’ve never considered the fact, but the results are sure going to speak for themselves. When you’re closer to them, photos tend to turn out to be warm and welcoming, as opposed to photos taken from a greater distance. This is a tip that will make your holiday photo shooting unforgettable!

2) ISO is so important!

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they leave their cameras on Automatic mode. This means that your flash will activate almost every time you take a photo, and the results are more often than not unflattering. Unnatural shadows, washed out colors and perplexed expressions on people’s faces are just some of the setbacks. On the other hand, upon deactivating flash, the photos become blurry. So what are you supposed to do to improve your photography? The easy fix for this problem is set your camera to Program mode, instead of the aforementioned Automatic mode. When you select this option, you’ll be able to control the ISO settings which will give you the opportunity to make the best photos in low-light conditions, such as indoor parties and gatherings, and all without using the flash. The higher your ISO, the less light your camera needs. The biggest setback, however, is that the photos can turn out to be grainy. The majority of cameras nowadays perform well with ISO setting as high as 3200 and maybe even 6400, especially if your photos are intended for online use later on. This gives you more freedom with your models and lighting, so your beauty photography can drastically improve! Just be sure to get enough practice to find out what your camera can and cannot do. This will help you get rid of the red eyes on photos too!

holiday photography

3) Moments Matter the Most!

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a holiday photo shoot or wedding photography, there’s one golden rule you can apply to get the best photos. Poses are bad and turn out in a fake atmosphere. If you want to organize a love story photoshoot, no matter where you are, just let the couple interact. If you keep saying to people what to do or how to look, the results will show. There’s nothing wrong with poses, but that kind of photos leaves many questions unanswered! Who was there, what was happening, what were the people doing? This will result in genuine photographs that will turn out to be of extreme value one day. If you’re planning on taking a trip and taking more photos with friends there, your trip photo session has all the potential to be your next best photoshoot ever! Trip photography relies on situational poses and the story it offers, and with your ISO settings changed, there’s nothing to distract your friends and family from the fun and creating new memories!

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These are some of the most basic tips and tricks to include in your photos. If you apply all these tips, you’ll begin to notice the results right away!