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3 Excellent Newborn Photography Tips that will Make Your Job Easy and Fun

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Newborn photography is easy and challenging at the same time. It’s easy because newborns are mostly asleep during the photo session. But it can become challenging when they are awake between shots as they move a lot and can take time to give perfect shots. In any case, these little angels are anytime cute and their photographs look awesome in any pose, and so, newborn photography is an interesting job. Here are a few tips on how to make your baby photography session successful.

1. Which Fabrics are the Best?

Eva Gudziunaite, leading photographer and expert in newborn photography London, suggests that whatever that would touch the baby should be chosen carefully as the baby is very delicate, and although babies look cute in any pose, a crying baby is certainly painful to look at.

Lightweight cotton fabrics are the best for babies to wear or wrap. Plus, babies are usually used to them as they are swaddled in them. These materials make a tight wrap so as to show the baby’s shape clearly. You can even choose fabrics with colorful patterns on them so as to make a plain and simple backdrop interesting.

Similarly you can choose many other fabrics like mesh, gauze and knit. However, make sure the fabric is extremely soft. If you choose something with lace, make sure the lace is not sharp, stinging or prickly. The materials also should not have any embroidery on them as it can hurt the baby’s delicate skin.


2. Which Props are the Best?

There are a variety of props available that make baby photographs even more adorable. This time too, you should choose props carefully. Most importantly, they should be safe. Then they should be colorful, interesting, stylish and fun.

Plush toys make excellent props for newborn photography. Babies can never be hurt by them. Make sure they are clean since if they carry dust or other debris, the baby may suffer.

Various types of baskets are popular newborn photography props. You can place the baby in the basket and capture adorable shots. Make sure such baskets are large enough to accommodate the baby without restricting circulation. Don’t forget to place a blanket between the baby and the basket.

Other adorable options are hats for boys and headbands for girls. You can let the baby wear them or just place them beside. If you’re going to let them wear, make sure they are not too tight and with harsh edges. Also, make sure hats and headbands are proportionate to the baby. Too large hats or headbands would look odd.

Another best prop is the parents’ arms. This is especially fun because it will remind the parents in the future how tiny their baby once was. You can be highly creative with the parents’ arms, says Eva Gudziunaite, EvaGud Photography London newborn photographer. They can hold their arms in a V and hold the baby in or can place the baby on a background on the floor and hold their arms making a circle around the baby or hold the baby in the arms and take a shot from the top, and so on.

parents’ arms

3. Posing

Posing can be tricky, especially if the baby is awake. Take care of not putting the baby into danger. While making the baby sitting or lying in various poses, take parents’ help. Later, you can Photoshop them out while editing the photos.

You can start with laying the baby on their back on a soft fabric. Let their hands be on their tummy. Capture a few detail shots of their hands and feet.

Posing newborns should be easy when they are asleep. You may have to wait for the baby to fall asleep and then you can pose them in whatever adorable ways you want. Remember to do this carefully so as to avoid hurting the baby.

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Hopefully these tips will make newborn photography easy and fun for you. Follow them and enjoy your job!