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4 Important Tips to Make Your Product Photography Successful

The importance of product photography is proven with the statistics which says that it influences the purchasing decisions of 93% of buyers. It’s easy to understand that when customers can see the products, they feel more confident to give their money to the seller. If you’re planning to get into product photography, here are a few tips for you that’ll help you become successful.

1. Get the Right Light

A right lighting is so important in product photography that most of your success depends on it. In product photography China, the use of just perfect lighting can be seen. There are two types of lighting to choose from:

Soft Lighting: If you want to form a halo-like, delicate effect that will illuminate the product from all angles, soft lighting is the way to go. It eliminates harsh shadows, and softens edges and details of the product. This is particularly important while photographing 3-dimensional objects.

To achieve soft lighting, avoid direct sunlight while working with a natural light source. Instead use a diffuser which is any object that diffuses or scatters light in some way. For example, you can soften your light with thin, white linens, printer paper or white garbage bags. Another great tool to create a soft lighting is a reflector. This is an inexpensive and easy tool to bounce natural as well as artificial light.

Hard Lighting: If you want to create more contrast between the light and the shadows, you should choose hard lighting. It offers harder edges and higher definition to shadows. This makes the photos more dramatic.

2. Understand Angles

Next important factor in product photography is the correct angle. Here are some most commonly used angles.


If the product stands up, that’ll probably be the main product image angle.

Bird’s Eye

Bird’s eye angle is great for photographing objects such as clothes, pizza, shoes etc. that lie flat, or several items placed next to each other. It’s also known as 90-degree angle.

45-degree Angle

This is just between the above two angles and is used to emphasize dimensions.

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3. Use a Tripod

You should essentially use a tripod because it keeps your camera steady and your photos look professional. A tripod generates a consistent feel all through your product photos and lets your brand stand out with an organized, clean look.

4. Play with Macro Settings

Macro photography is the one that offers you the ability to beautifully capture close-ups of your products by allowing your lens to focus on very small objects that are close to the lens. This is useful for avoiding capturing unimportant elements that would otherwise be captured while using a wide lens.

Macro photography is particularly ideal for filming intricate items like jewelry, foods, electrical parts etc. Importantly, even if you don’t have a DSLR with a special macro lens, even a smartphone can do macro photography for you as most of them do have macro setting with an icon of a small flower.

So, have you started preparing for your product photography session with these tips?