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4 Useful Tips to Create an Outstanding Photography Business Card

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Even in the era when the world is going digital, printed materials have not yet lost their importance, and one of the best examples of this is business cards. A business card is a simple yet effective business promotion tool that can make you and your business known to people and attract them to your business. A photography business too can be promoted with this very tool. It depends on how effective your card is. Here are a few tips.

1. Invest Time and Money

As mentioned earlier, your business card can be your most effective business promotion tool. So, it’s worth investing your time and money to design it so as to get a great ROI in the long run. Today you can even make your business card online. But remember that you should give prime importance to quality. Poor quality can be spotted just at the first glance and creates a bad impression about your photography business. Take the time to determine your brand and think on what materials, colors and shapes you should use to create an amazing business card.

Thus, if you choose for your cards, you’ll get an easy-to-use system, a great range of ideas, materials, sizes and shapes, along with high quality and best prices. These cards have the ability to show their great quality and thus the quality of your business.

best photography business cards

2. Use Traditional Options But Uniquely

Here traditional options mean the standard shape and size of the 3.5×2 sized rectangular white cards. Today many people opt for different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. You can choose the conventional shape and size, but take care to do something unique that will make your card stand out. The design should have some unique element that people will remember at the first glance. For example, white print on black background, shape of a Polaroid which could make people nostalgic about the old Polaroid story or a bright colored logo on a matte finish can catch people’s eye.


3. Prefer Pictures You’ve Captured

Using your own imagery on your card serves to show off your portfolio immediately and is a much better way to show your work than handing your phone, tablet or printed photos to your customers and insist to take a look.

Having your own spectacular imagery can make the best photography business cards by making them remarkable, particularly if you have a distinct genre or style. Even having your own picture on the card can be beneficial if your name is deeply connected with your branding. Or it can create such a connection. You might have noticed that even you feel more comfortable with people who present their photos. This means that your photo creates reliability of your business, gives a personal touch and makes it slightly easier to remember you.

4. Avoid Overcrowding the Card

You may be easily tempted to give all your info, i.e. not only your name, address, phone number, website and social media addresses but also your favorite holiday destination, your date of birth etc. etc. Don’t do that. Think on what information your potential customer needs and give only that. An overcrowded business card looks not only unattractive, but also is unable to create an impact.

Avoid Overcrowding the Card

Instead, take the minimalist route. Sometimes even your name and phone number is enough to attract your potential customers, provided it’s accompanied by outstanding design elements that will prove your creativity and excellence in work. If you provide too much of unnecessary information, people may easily get confused while finding your real contact details from the rest of the clutter. Short is really sweet.

Remember one thing while designing your business card – you have to stand out! That will help you design a business card that will make people remember you and your business.