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5 Amazing Photography Locations in Singapore

Marina BaySingapore is a beautiful country! If a friend of yours who has never visited Singapore listens to this statement, s/he will sigh and s/he even may slap you, because you are just making her/him jealous. So, show her/him photos of the beautiful land and still s/he will sigh, but won’t at least slap you (hopefully). Singapore has countless spots where even a beginner can capture lovely photos. Here are some awesome Singapore photography places.

1. Koon Seng Road

As a tourist, you may not visit Koon Seng Road. But after viewing this photo, I am sure you will be eager to visit it and capture some beautiful shots of this calm, neat, clean road, bordered by quaint, charming Chinese shophouses.

Koon Seng Road

2. Changi Boardwalk

This amazing boardwalk passes along the Changi Coastline and is divided into four sections:

  1. Sunset Walk: Of course, best for capturing sunset
  2. Kelong Walk: Suggestive of the kelong (historical offshore wooden platforms) days, this section features stilts spread throughout the waters of the ocean.
  3. Cliff Walk: Ideal for capturing the beautiful coastline with lush greenery on one side
  4. Sailing Point Walk: Breathtaking view of the endless expanse of the sea

Changi Boardwalk

3. HortPark

Located on Hyderabad Road in Singapore, this park is full of exotic flowers and lots of colorful insects. It’s calm and quiet, allowing you to capturing some exclusive photos in your life. If you love to catch nature in your camera, this is the perfect place for it.


4. Marina Bay

If you love to capture manmade wonders more, Marina Bay is the place for you. Every evening a fantastic laser light show is conducted here from 7:85 to 8:45 which is worth capturing in the camera. You can consider it as a slice of Singapore’s nightlife.

Marina Bay

5. Heritage Trees Trail

This is another awesome place for a nature-loving photographer is located in the Singapore Botanical Gardens. You reach the seven oldest and most magnificent trees in the Gardens at the end of the trail. On the way, you can capture amazing nature photos.

Heritage Trees Trail

These are only five! At, you will get many more. The locations have been divided as Parks, City Area, Reservoirs, and more, for your convenience. Each spot has been thoroughly described with directions and numerous photos. If you are a professional or amateur photographer or a tourist, don’t forget to visit this website, before starting your Singapore photography venture, to get guidance to capture amazing photos and impress your friends.