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5 ways to improve your photography today

improving-your-photography-skillWhether you’re a newbie photographer that is just confused about where to start or a well-experienced pro photographer that’s completed many projects successfully, there is always a scope for improvement of your skill. But learning is sometimes very difficult for photographers in search of a magic formula that will answer all their questions and make them an improved photographer.

Instead of seeking some unfeasible solutions, try one of these practical tips that you can use at once, today.

1. Practice Shooting Every Day

The more you shoot, the more practice you will get. It’s not very difficult to set aside time every day – even only a few minutes – to hone your existing skills and acquire new ones. Go through a lesson on a photography website and practice what you’ve studied. Take a look at the photos taken by photographers you like and try to follow their style. Participate in a photography test or contest to check what new skills you can learn. All in all, you should have your camera with you, every single day. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that your images have started to improve.

2. Build a Network

Developing a relationship with other photographers is one of the fastest ways to enhance your photography. By doing this you can reach other enthusiasts who love to speak, share ideas, shop, provide positive criticism, and are adventurous enough to go out and shoot. You can choose various ways to connect with others like through a photography website, your local club of photographers, or anything in between, but connecting to a photography community will definitely help you improve as a photographer.

3. Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you indeed wish to hone your photography skills, you should step outside your standard routine and look for photographic topics you’ve never tried your hands on. If you’ve been only shooting landscapes so far, consider doing portraiture. If you have so far shot only weddings, give a day to photographing wildlife. By doing so, you can look at things with a new view – and also with different camera settings. As a result, you will have a fresh perception and also better knowledge of how your camera works.

4. Pare It Down

Although digital photography is easy, it has a problem that taking a practically endless number of images can make your work untidy. Instead of having a purpose for the images you take, you may develop a tendency to go on firing off images like from a machine gun without much thought for composition or other technical things to create top-notch photos. Instead, whenever you’re out capturing images, plan to capture only a certain number of photos – say 30. By doing so, you will be forced to give greater consideration to each frame, quite like the film days of photography, when you couldn’t waste even one of your valuable shots, and with greater care about what you’re doing. This should come with better, more creative photos.

5. Always Keep Learning

The moment you think “I’ve become an expert in this” your progress stops. Without continuous learning – learning new abilities, sharpening current ones, and being active in the photographers’ community – you will become unteachable within no time. Don’t be a bighead. Keep yourself open to fresh ideas. Be ready to change your methods you’ve used for years. This will open you up to new creative pathways that will certainly make your photography better.