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8 Fantastic Posing Ideas for Effective Boudoir Photography

Phoenix Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography is something which an individual doesn’t conduct very often in life. Women usually capture their boudoir portraits to send to their significant others to spice up their romance. Obviously, they are not professional models and hence, are inexperienced. In such a situation, your responsibility is to make them feel relaxed before the camera and capture the best photos possible. Here, having some fantastic posing ideas in your mind certainly helps because then your client doesn’t have to worry about how to pose and hence, feels comfortable, as you’re going to guide her.

Leading Sin City Boudoir photographer, Michael Jones, shares some such awesome posing ideas to help you out.

1. Use a Simple Bed and White Sheets

When it comes to boudoir photography, it’s essential to take at least some photos in which the model will be posing on a bed. In that case, you should look for making her lingerie and facial expressions stand out and should make sure the bed is not distracting.

However, you can add a vibrant rug or pillows to make the background look enticing. This will be more than enough for an effective boudoir session.

vibrant rug

Once you get the bed as per the requirement, you can pay attention to lighting. Natural light is just as effective as studio light, but it’s a bit uncontrollable if the day is cloudy.

Therefore, choosing a sunny day is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to move the bed towards a large window.

Focus on the background too. If the wall is being seen, make sure its colors don’t clash with the model’s lingerie or it doesn’t have any decoration that will be distracting. You can even hang a large sheet of paper or bedsheets in front of the wall to generate a professional studio look.

For classic boudoir portraits, choose neutral colors. For something moodier, a black backdrop can be used. Again, paper sheets or bedsheets are go-to solutions.

2. Create Mystery

Mystery is charming when it’s created by covering some of your client’s body parts. This will make your portraits look incredibly intriguing. What’s more, it will also give you even more posing ideas to work with.

Make use of scarves, oversized sweaters or blankets to disclose certain parts of her body. Even more interesting is to let her wear her partner’s clothes to give the images a more intimate feel.

3. On Bed with Back towards the Camera

Our Sin City Boudoir photographer, Michael Jones says that it’s not necessary that your model looks always into the camera or with her front towards you. A boudoir photo can be made interesting with the model’s back towards the camera.

Make her sit in the middle of the bed while her back faces the camera. You can play with posing here, e.g., with her hands folded in the front or stretched out on sides.

You can even make the model look slightly towards a side so as to reveal a part of her face.

You can even play with the position of hair e.g., to let the hair flow freely on the back or tuck some hair behind the ear.

4. Near or In the Balcony

If the room has a balcony, you can make very good use of it to create excellent boudoir images. Let the model stand near or in the balcony. This gives the photos an amazing atmospheric feel.

In the Balcony

You can play with poses such as with her back towards the camera or her shoulders, back or hips resting against the wall and she is looking out and so on.

shoulders resting against the wall

5. Legs up on the Wall

This is a classic pose you can add to your boudoir session, with the model lying on the bed with her legs up on the wall. You can create various forms and shapes by positioning the legs in various ways.

For example, your client can position her legs straight up or one crossed over the other. She can be barefoot or wear high heels to make the photo more interesting.

Bare feet and relaxed legs create a softer legs-on-the-wall boudoir image.

Legs up on the Wall

6. Lying with Legs Turned to One Side

Lying down is a major part of boudoir photography that lets the photographer play a lot with poses. One of the most interesting poses is to keep legs twisted to one side instead of stretched out straight or up.

Here too you can keep clicking the various poses your model gives while moving and stretching her body rather than keeping the pose of twisted legs a static pose.

Lying down with legs twisted is a great pose when your model’s partner accompanies her in the shoot, as she can point her legs towards him.

7. Hands on Chest

This pose is known to be simple yet effective in boudoir photography that you can shoot in any setting. Your model can keep one or both hands on her chest. She should not look directly into the camera, as that can make the photo look awkward. It’s a good idea to ask her to close her eyes as if she’s lost in the thoughts of her significant other.

This is a great pose to impress your client’s partner with her curves and confidence.

Hands on Chest

8. Sitting Comfortably in a Chair

It’s not necessary always to use a bed in boudoir photography. Other pieces of furniture can be involved in the shoot to make excellent boudoir portraits.

A sofa chair can be such a great piece of furniture in which your model can sit relaxed. To make her look even more relaxed, make her seat with her legs resting on a coffee table in front of the chair.

This pose is ideal if your model is pregnant just as in this photo captured by our Sin City Boudoir photographer, Michael Jones. Relaxation is essential in pregnancy and this boudoir photo aptly indicates that.

Sitting Comfortably in a Chair

Having some definite posing ideas up your sleeve is an essential part of your boudoir photography homework. It can help you become a successful boudoir photographer as your clients will look relaxed and confident in the photos and will appreciate your work. We hope that these ideas will trigger your creativity and you’ll come up with many more posing ideas that you can share with us in the comment section. Happy boudoir photography!