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Commercial Photography – Your First Shooting

commercial photographerIf you’ve been shooting for a while and someone asked you if you would like to make some photos for a fee, you must be quite excited about your first paid assignment. But, before you seal the deal, there are a few things you should know about shooting commercially. We’ve asked a successful Phoenix Arizona commercial photographer to give us a few tips on the first commercial photo shoot. Here’s what we’ve found out!

The first thing you need to understand about commercial photography is that it’s a way different from shooting for yourself. While the latter is always entertaining and fun, a paid assignment is rather tense. No matter how nice your client is, you know that you have to do the job spotlessly.

One half of the work actually takes place before the photo shoot and it determines one half of your success rate. Therefore, it’s crucial to establish requirements and expectations. Simply put, you need to know roughly what kind of images your client is looking for. Still uncertain? Ask for model images to determine what’s on your clients mind. In order to protect the interest of both parties, all the agreements should be in black and white. If you’re capable of delivering that quality and standard, go to the next level: the intended use of the images. It’s not the same if your client is going to use the image on a local bakery poster or on a nationwide ad; although these images don’t have to be different, your pricing can be. In the industry, this is known as usage/license rights.

When it comes to prices, you should try to quote reasonably and realistically. For that reason, it’s important to take all your effort, time and expenses into account. Don’t charge a low rate just because you think you’re not good enough. If you’re hired, your client thinks you’re competent enough to do the job, so quote a price you deserve.

While shooting you should think on your feet and handle the client simultaneously. Ask your client to be on site during the photo shoot to approve the images.

Even though commercial photography is challenging, it’s also rather rewarding when you get paid for your photos. Also, you’ll be proud of yourself once you spot your own images on billboards or in print ads.