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Focused Aerial Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour – A Great Help for Your Real Estate Business

Northern California Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour

If you are in the business of real estate, you know how important it is to show the house of their dreams to clients. However, sometimes it’s not possible for clients to visit the property in person. This happens especially when they are living exactly in the opposite direction of where the property is situated. Yes, they can see photos; but walking through the property has a far greater impact on clients’ mind than watching the property in photos. So, how can this be possible?

Focused Aerial is a company which has made it possible through their Northern California Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour!

They help real estate agents to make their listing more interesting by creating videos of the properties on sale. You can see how beautiful the videos look and how they walk your clients through the properties so that the clients feel that they’re present in the property and watching it in person.

They make the videos even more interesting by adding complementing music, moving clouds, map and address. This makes the video pleasant and more meaningful than just the view of the property.

Choosing to offer their 3D Virtual Tour for your listing allows buyers near and far to experience the home of their dreams safely and remotely via computer or mobile device. Navigate through the home, at their own pace helping them create a lasting emotional connection to the property. The 3D experience engages visitors for longer periods.

How can the virtual tours benefit you?

Benefits of Virtual Tours of Properties

As mentioned earlier, if a buyer is living in New York or Pennsylvania or even a foreign country, and wants to buy a property in Northern California, they don’t have to travel all that distance. A 3D virtual tour can help them walk through any property “virtually”. This will help them decide which of the properties are the most suitable for them. This will save a great amount of time and energy for them.

More Instructive

You can understand how your clients are keen to know more and more about the property they are planning to buy. Even celebs like Jason Statham and supermodel Elle Macpherson didn’t buy their elegant homes without knowing everything about the properties! After all, it’s a major investment and the home is going to be one of your clients’ biggest assets. Therefore, they will be interested to know each and every detail of the property. When the Focused Aerial photographers capture videos of the properties, they capture all the details in which buyers are interested. Clients need to know positions of living room, bedrooms, kitchen, toilets, staircases, basement and terraces if any, the dimensions of the rooms, positions of electric outlets and lights, kitchen cabinets and appliances, paint on the walls, and other such details. This will help them decide if the home needs any changes or they can just pay for it and go and start living in it. Thus, your buyers can make quicker decisions.

professional 3D virtual tour for property listings

Buyers Get Real Time Answers to Their Queries

While virtual tours are self-explanatory, buyers may still have many questions. With the help of the 3D virtual tour you can answer their queries from the comfort of your office. They may ask you questions about the materials used in the construction or type of insulation in the basement. As a real estate agent, you can impress them with quick response to their queries and comments.

Keeps Your Buyers Engaged for Longer

If you simply present the properties in the form of photos or text information, your buyer may or may not be interested to go through it. Most people are reluctant to read information, no matter how important it is for them. However, a professional video tour is altogether different. Your clients will be attracted to the listing because the video tour will make it possible for them to view the property without having to take any physical efforts. Moreover, they can watch the video again and again, to check the details they want. This is more appealing than reading or listening to the information about property and even more appealing than simply looking at photos. Thus, the virtual tour presentations will keep your buyers engaged for longer.

Helps Feel the Vibes

Many home buyers rely on the vibes they get from a property. These vibes help them make the decision of whether to buy the property or not. Focused Aerial’s professional 3D virtual tour for property listings will help your buyers get a sense of actually being present inside the property and feel the vibes.

Virtual Tours Created by a Professional Photographer

Since a virtual tour of the property you want to sell can be created, then it would make sense to hire a professional photographer, right? There’s a tremendous difference between a virtual tour created by a professional and that of an amateur. There are several reasons for this.

A professional photographer:

  • Saves you time and money by creating high-quality presentations while you can focus on communicating with your clients
  • Has the best equipment to create these videos
  • Does this type of work regularly and so, knows what type of problems can arise and how to deal with them
  • Is trained in special techniques to focus on the selling points of the property
  • Create wide-angle views that keep buyers engaged
  • Use professional editing techniques to remove any imperfections or distortions

Unless you have the professional gear needed and do the job regularly, most realtors are not practiced enough to create virtual tours of a property.

Your job is to sell properties and you deserve to focus on that task. Tommy Sisco, Photographer, Drone Operator, and owner of Focused Aerial along with his talented team have years of experience in this field.

When you book Focused Aerial Real Estate Photography for capturing real estate photography and videos, you can just relax and know the job will be done perfectly. On the contrary, if you hand over the job to an amateur or do it yourself, just for the sake of saving a little cash, you’ll have to do it on a trial and error basis, and there is always a risk of the imagery being less than perfect.

Focused Aerial Real Estate Photography

If you want superior quality marketing material of your properties, Focused Aerial is always there to help you out with their outstanding services. It’s guaranteed that you’ll thank yourself for hiring them for the job.