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Important Tips for a Wedding Photographer to Start Their Job Smoothly

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Wedding photography is perhaps the most challenging genre of photography that demands a range of skills from the photographer who has to deal with living and non-living subjects (bridal dress, wedding rings etc.) and gets only one day to capture the most important moments from their clients’ perspective.

You’ll realize this especially when you see the work of Michele, a highly talented photographer Venice Italy, according to whom, documenting the detail, recording the mood and finding the meaning in the scene happening before you, should be your main goal. He shares a few tips that can be very useful for learners as well as experienced wedding photographers.

3 Basics

When you start as a wedding photographer, it’s easy to have many dreams and aspirations. But make sure you don’t get carried away and first follow 3 basic principles during your initial days.

Familiarity: Since it’s your first wedding (to shoot), you’re not very familiar with the environment. So, get familiarized about how you can get candid shots, what’s important for your couple, which locations can be appropriate for you to take good shots and so on.

Service: Although you’re an artist, be humble enough to understand that ultimately, you’re going to serve your clients and you should do that well.

Simplicity: It’s natural that you’re eager to show off your skills and creativity during your first project and get praises and further publicity to get more business. However, being simple is actually the key. Stay calm and keep taking a note of what you’re needed to do, so you can just meet your couple’s demands.

Bridal dress
Wedding Photography 2021, Wedding Photographer Venice Italy. © Michele Agostinis

Moments You Shouldn’t Miss

If you’re worried with a thought whether you’d be able to shoot entire wedding, an easy trick is to make a list of important shots which should contain the moments the couple essentially wants. Keep this list at hand or in your mind as you find it convenient. When you familiarize yourself with weddings, you’ll learn to anticipate moments before they take place and then, you’ll shoot all of them as they take place. Take a look at this list:

  • Candid moments with parents – happy and sad
  • Bride walks down the aisle
  • Emotional moments during the vows
  • First kiss
  • Couple’s exit after the ceremony
  • Group photos or portraits of important people as suggested by the couple
  • Couple’s portraits
  • Dances, traditions and rituals
  • Speeches
  • Everything else that your couple feels important
Church premise
Wedding Photographer Venice, Photographer in Venice. © Michele Agostinis

Don’t forget to discuss with the couple about their priorities though. Ask them if the ‘getting ready’ shots are more important to them or the cocktail and dinner shots. Once you know their priorities, you’ll be all set to shoot the wedding the way they want and awe them with the end result.

It’ll be nice to know if you’re now comfortable with your first assignment because of these tips. Happy wedding photography!