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Keywordsready – An Amazing Photo Keywording Tool for Stock Photographers

Keywords ReadyAre you a stock photographer and want to optimize your images with the right keywords? Are you worried about your photos getting lost in the ocean of millions of other similar photos? What you need the most is a photo keywording tool. This is because, if you manually choose your keywords for your photos, you can easily get carried away and include every word even if it is remotely connected to the image along with a bunch of synonyms and other lexically similar words. Though this may seem a good idea it creates many false-positive results making buyers to lose trust in the system and turn to some other seller.

Here’s a fantastic keyword finding tool named Keywordsready specially designed for stock photographers. And guess what, it’s free to try! This is an ultimate photo keywording tool that helps you in organizing your photos in many ways without having to clutter up your library with irrelevant albums. With this tool, it’s easy to find keywords and allocate them to photos. Then you can easily search for photos using those keywords.

How does Keywordsready Work?

Using Keywordsready is very easy. You just have to drop images in the given box. You can drop any number of photos of any size. Or you can submit images with their URLs. Next Keywordsready will find keywords for your images by deeply analyzing them not only to find what’s in them but also how and where they have been captured. You get the keywords within seconds of dropping your images. You can then copy them to clipboard and assign to your images. If you have got huge images, you need not downsize them before sending them for analysis.


Keywordsready doesn’t store your images or don’t even upload them to the cloud server. Also no one else can see your images because they are not shared by Keywordsready. Thus, your images are absolutely safe.

Keywordsready has been created by Serdar Yagci, a software engineer and an extensive traveler and photographer, who always found the process of finding keywords burdensome and wanted to smooth out the process. Thus Keywordsready came into existence.

So, you can now try this amazing tool for free and get the desired response from buyers!