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Nude in Public Art Project in New York – Standing Against Blood Cancer with a Courageous Approach

Nude in public art project in New York

Doing a public art photography project with a nude model may be considered as a courageous step for a photographer as well as the model. And in a city like New York where nudism is strictly a taboo, it may be an even bolder action. However, neither photographer Kristian Liebrand nor model Lucy Modele hesitated in showing this courage in October 2019 for the sake of creating an awareness about blood cancer. A truly commendable job!

DKMS – We Delete Blood Cancer

The Nude in public art project in New York was undertaken for the mission “DKMS – we delete blood cancer”. This was a great challenge for both the German photographer, Kristian Liebrand and the nude model Lucy Modele, because they planned to do it in a city like New York where nudism is considered to be highly offensive.

Even though the underlying purpose of the project was noble, the first thing New York residents would notice was that it was done using a nude model, which might have broken the whole project. But both of them showed courage and not only did they do the project, but also made it successful!

Kristian Liebrand captured very special nude art photographs in public in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Model Lucy Modele is an internationally acclaimed model and numerous photos of hers have been viewed by people. However, photographer Kristian Liebrand, wanted her photographs to be very different than the ones usually seen and very unique, which should have surprised the viewers. This was indeed a challenging job, but Kristian Liebrand accomplished it.

Kristian Liebrand captured very special nude art photographs

How was the Project Accomplished?

Within three and a half days, the photographer and the model covered 23 public locations. Since Americans are very sensitive about nudity, a lot of security was maintained by the police and surveillance cameras were also used in abundance.

You can imagine, in the presence of police and hundreds of passers-by, the photographer had to capture just the right shots which was possible only with the help of great speed, precision, presence of mind and of course, coordination with the model. They got just three seconds every time within which the professional model had to undress by throwing away her coat and shoes, give the right pose and the photographer had to find the right viewpoint and the perfect camera adjustments, and capture the photo. All these needed tremendous synchronization between the photographer and the model. But they achieved it and finished the project successfully.

Model Lucy Modele


The objective of this project was to let people know that a blood cancer patient is diagnosed every 35 seconds in the world (every 15 minutes in Germany). Many of these patients can survive just with a stem cell donation from an unrelated donor. The proportion of blood cancer patients that find a suitable donor within their family is as less as 30%. Therefore the support of more and more people is needed to fight against the deadly disease. This will be a ray of hope for the patients that they have a chance to get a suitable donor. You can even support this project by becoming a Mutspenden donor.

Photographer Kristian Liebrand and model Lucy Modele tried to give this message to New York residents through this Nude in public art project in New York. They will raise funds through selling the individual photographs as well as a beautiful 2020 calendar of these photographs. The funds will be donated to institutes that fight against blood cancer.

DKMS - We Delete Blood Cancer

We congratulate both of them upon standing against blood cancer with a courageous approach and accomplishing their task successfully. Hopefully all people in the world would be inspired from their work and start a mission to ward off the enemy of the mankind called blood cancer.