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Photographic Ink – Myths and Facts

truth about inkInk is simply ink, printing is simply printing – but is it all really that simple?

Cost effectiveness, superiority of printing and environmental footprints of used cartridges – HP makes its ink cartridges keeping all these things in mind, to offer you the best value and experience wherever and whenever you print.

Getting low-priced cartridges can be a wrong economy. Following are some myths which you should not believe, especially upon reading the facts.

Myth 1

Cartridges by a third party seller are as dependable as Original HP cartridges


The fact is, over 40% of non-HP ink cartridges fell short, as per a study conducted by BLI (Buyers Laboratory), with 14% expiring upon arrival and 27% running out prematurely.

The same research, however, showed that not even a single Original HP cartridge expired – all of them were 100% reliable.

Quality and dependability are what HP strives for, helping you to keep away from the expense and disappointment out of defective cartridges.

HP spends around three to five years to design and produce every line of inks, so you can rest assured that you’re having the best always. HP makes no compromise to quality.

With the Original HP Large Format Inks, you are always provided a brand-new, unused cartridge to meet your expectations.

Myth 2

Non-HP cartridge page always yields same as those of HP cartridges


A study performed by third-party researchers revealed that Original HP cartridges generate, on an average, over 50% more pages than non-HP ink refilled and remade tested cartridges.

So, you would require six third-party cartridges to get the same number of pages printed, that only four Original HP cartridges can print.

The page yield data of HP for text/graphics has a strong base of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) testing methods (ISO/IEC 24711), which is the standards organization recognized by almost the entire printing industry.

Myth 3

Ink becomes dry if printing is not done regularly.


It’s not guaranteed for others but for Original HP ink cartridges it’s guaranteed that they are constructed and verified for not drying out even if printing is not done for months. Tests done by a private company show that HP inks may be stored even up to 12 weeks in certain climatic conditions and still print excellently. HP suggests turning your printer off when not in use for prolonged periods, e.g. when you are on a vacation. Ensure also that the cartridges are stored sealed in their original package till they are installed.

Myth 4

Performance of non-HP inks is equally well as that of Original HP inks


Original HP cartridges give you constantly accurate printouts and realistic images; HP gives high-quality and lasting output. Really, prints generated with Original HP inks printed on HP photo papers characteristically last over 50 times longer than that generated with third-party inks, which means that all of your photos will be still intact when you wish to take a walk down your memory lane. Whether it’s an important business document or a cherished photo, Original HP inks reliably produce prints that pass the test of time.