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Summer Wedding Photography Tips


decatur il 1When it comes to weddings, every season has its own majestic beauty and uniqueness, but there’s something extremely romantic and inspiring about summer. As a wedding photographer, you need to make the most of available light, longer days and that splash of colors that summer brings. To help you shoot breathtaking images, no matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, we will share a few simple yet effective summer wedding photography tips.


Summer photography sessions mean keeping the harsh sunlight in mind. The shadows cast on the bride’s face are going to be a bother, indeed, so find the way to quickly and appropriately treat them. To soften the images, use shades beneath objects and trees. Also, consider using reflectors or fill-flash, as well as an inexpensive scrim or diffuser. If you choose to shade your subjects, you might need to increase the exposure (about 1/3rd of a stop) in order to compensate for the decreased amount of light.


Backlighting is arguably one of the most romantic and natural forms of light lending itself to sensual, astonishing imagery. Subjects should pose with their backs to the sun in order to avoid direct sunlight to fall on their faces which would result in unsightly, harsh shadows. Now, it’s crucial to choose the correct exposure, unless you want underexposed faces as the usual result. Commonly, it’s enough to use the EV compensation button to increase the exposure. In any case, you shouldn’t be afraid of a little bit of flare since it could result in some gorgeous images.

Exposure and White Balance

Decatur-IL-Photography-3Summer weddings are characterized by vibrant colors, aren’t they? So, try shorter shutter speed to underexpose and bring out deeper hues and colors in the captures. In addition, it’s important to understand the white balance setting to bring out that summer vibe to your images. So, set white balance to help your read and adjust the camera to the temperature of the sunlight streaming in. To capture the summer feel, warmer light in the white balance will do the trick.

Additional tip: learn how to read histogram, since in summer the small LCD may be difficult for that quick glance to check the images. Histogram, on the other hand, quickly tells you about the tone and the exposure in your capture.

In Case of Rain

Summers don’t necessarily guarantee perfect weather, do they? Still, with a little thought and preparation, you’ll be able to get incredible results under tricky weather conditions. An illusion of sunlight streaming into the image can be created by using off camera strobes or speedlights. Also, warm images with depth can be created with the usage of a bright LED video light. In case you don’t have an assistant or helper to hold the speedlight directly behind the subject to emulate a backlit effect, you can use a tripod or a light stand.

Summer Wedding Photographer’s Attire

In general, photographers should dress as if they were wedding guests. However, it doesn’t mean wearing stilettos, but a comfortable, yet elegant (or whatever the event calls for) pair of shoes. For a summer wedding, it’s recommended to wear pastel and light shades and fabrics. It’s a good idea to wear a cap/hat, too. Don’t forget a sunscreen and a good camera strap to help you carry your camera through the day.