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Top 4 Tips Shared by a Professional for Amateurs to Shoot a Wedding

lucas kraus wedding photography 2Are you scared with a thought of photographing the wedding of your friend who has lovingly insisted you for the job because s/he wants to save money and you too want be of some help? Read these tips from the leading Gold Coast wedding photographer, Lucas Kraus, and capture the wedding like a pro.

1. Capture Emotions

Wedding is an event of emotions. So, you are going to get them a lot. Pro photographers can tell the entire story in one frame; but you are not a pro. So, how would you do that? You will have to be patient and go on capturing as they take place. Just be alert about when they would happen. For example, emotions may surge when the dad of the bride would be about to take his baby doll to the isle. Or the bride may want to spend some moments with the bridesmaids before falling into the married life. You can anticipate such moments and capture them when they take place.

lucas kraus wedding photography

2. What to Carry?

Being a minimalist is always helpful but ensure that you have everything you may need in an emergency.

Carry at least two cameras – one with an attached 70-200mm 2.8 lens and the other having a wide angle zoom, like the Canon 24-70mm 2.8. This is a nice setup if you will be shooting alone. The ceremony lasts barely for 10-15 minutes; so, be ready to have multiple shot options to capture quickly, with the help of two cameras having two different lenses.

3. Think Different

Search around at the venue and think on what you can do different. Is there an ancient cobblestone building, the window of which you can use in the wedding couple’s portrait? Are there palms? Are there some animals or birds around? If there is anything different and eye-catching, make use of it for the couple’s photos and make your photos photography gold coast


4. Take Advantage of the Sun

Remember that the sun is a fantastic source of light. So, don’t be afraid of photographing in the sun. Use something to block the light from falling directly on your camera, but don’t miss photos in the outside where there would be a lot of sunlight and you can make great use of nature’s elements.

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