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Top 6 Tips for Photographers for Amazing Wedding Photography

Lucas Kraus wedding photographyWedding photography is an amazing profession. While it’s sheer joy to capture the happiest moments in someone’s life, it’s also challenging enough to keep you continuously interested in your job. When a person starts this profession, however, s/he needs guidance from the professionals. Therefore we have compiled the following tips from around the web; they will help you hone your skills and also make your job fun.

1. Be Spontaneous while Being Organized

As a professional, you should be organized with everything, including your devices and work plan which includes types of shots. However, being a little spontaneous regarding wedding photos is beneficial to you as well as the wedding couple. Though you have decided shots with the bride, you will get a lot of shots across the event and you should spontaneously capture them, though they are not in your list of shots.

2. Select a Quiet Shutter

Shutters of some cameras operate quietly. Firing off 10 frames per second like a machine gun while the “I do” part is going on is not good. Therefore, selecting a quiet shutter is a smart move.

3. Find Not-So-Obvious Angles

If you look around the wedding venue, you will find angles that were previously not noticed but are exclusive. Walk upstairs and try capturing the wedding party shots down. Walk in a circle around the couple and move a little closer; it will give you amazing angles and incredible effects.

4. Bring a Step Stool or Ladder

A 3-stepped stool or a ladder will be a great help while you capture group photos and you can also use it to add creativity to the shots of the couple all through the day.

5. Holding the Flowers Lower

While taking the shots of bride, you should tell her to hold the flowers lower than where she feels comfortable, e.g. at the level of belly button. This will make the photos a lot better than when brides normally hold them too high.

6. Grab a Moment of Break

While going through the stressful work constantly, it’s not bad to take a break (e.g. when guests are eating). This will give you a chance to relax and check your work. You can delete some really bad shots and make space on your memory card.

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