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Top 6 Tips on How to Capture Pictures of Social Distancing and Masked Portraits

Masked Portrait

As such, coronavirus has adversely affected all businesses and has brought the world economy down. Not only businesses, but all other works including hobbies and passions have also been badly affected by the pandemic. However, there are some jobs that can still be conducted at least to some extent and photography is one of them. People all over the world are eager to know about the progress or regress of COVID-19 and photographers can provide them the real picture. But, how to capture pictures of social distancing and portraits of masked people?

Professional photographer Tommy Dane, whose lifelike stock photos are widely used by news publications, shares some top tips regarding this hot topic.

1. Long Lens to Capture Details

Although it’s your work, you have no right to play with yours and your models’ life. Social distancing has to be maintained. But this may make you worried about losing details and close-ups in the image. But you don’t need to worry. Just don’t forget to carry a long lens with you while going on a shoot, Tommy advises. The long lens will help you capture whatever details and close-ups you wish while maintaining social distancing.

Long Lens to Capture Details

2. Capture Social Distancing With and Without Masks

The rule of using masks is to wear it while going out of the house and not inside the house. However, even in a household, social distancing has to be maintained. Thus, you can capture images of social distancing with as well as without masks. To capture it without masks, use a real family as your models. You can even use a few roommates sharing same rooms while social distancing. The most important consideration is to confirm that both you and your models are practicing government rules and acceptable activities in your geographical locale during the pandemic time.

Social Distancing With and Without Masks

3. Capture Animal Photos

Let’s face it, the corona pandemic has taught us that nature was, is and will be superior to man. Although the disease is fearsome, it has refreshed the earth and reduced pollution. This has made animals get their homes back which they had lost to man’s encroachment. Tommy suggests to go ahead and capture animals’ and nature’s photos to indicate how animals are happily living in the new environment. You’ll get a lot of them!

Animal Photos during corona

4. Capture Masked or Unmasked Portraits Smartly

It’s true that you or your models should wear masks. But do we wear it all the time? Tommy suggests to think if you would wear a mask in a particular situation your model is into. You probably won’t wear a mask during a solo activity. For example, you’re highly unlikely to wear a mask while running on a beach. But you’ll wear it in a grocery store or walking your dog with a friend. Think smart while capturing stock photos of people wearing (or not wearing) masks.

Masked or Unmasked Portraits

Capture Realistic Moments

No one wears a mask in their own home. But still they take care of themselves to prevent the disease. You can capture images that show how people should take care of their health. As you know, people have to follow certain simple rules like drinking hot liquids, take steam, exercise, take ample rest and wash hands several times a day. Capture realistic portraits of people following these rules.

Realistic Moments

What is the Everyday Situation?

People would also like to know how others are and what they are doing in the new situation. The new situation is a little different from the older one, due to social distancing. Schools, colleges, restaurants, shops, doctors’ offices and beauty salons have changed totally. Tommy prompts budding photographers to grab this opportunity and capture the images of the everyday situation. The real moments will make your images stand out as they have authenticity people are looking for.

Everyday Situation

Don’t let corona stop you from your passion. Capture its images and spread the message of staying safe and beating the pandemic.