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Top 6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Lightroom Presets

after picture using fuji2If you have newly started photography and have come across the term Lightroom presets, you might have also heard that they are great tools for photo editing. Lightroom presets not only can edit your photos to the look you desire, but they can do it within no time. Therefore, a lot of time is saved in photo editing and you get the photo just as you want it. With Lightroom presets you can give the photo a look that you desire. It makes you image editing efficient, effective and easy with no messing around. It’s quite interesting to know more about Lightroom presets and how they can be extremely useful in your work.

Lightroom Presets – What are they?

Lightroom presets are sets of effects, settings and edits saved beforehand, that can be used to add the desired effects to and change the looks of your photos. With Lightroom presets you can get an all new feel and improve the looks and quality of your images. At, you can get a wide range of the best premium Lightroom presets. You can watch some of them in this article too and many more on their website. They are the highest quality presets and because of their diversity you can use them for almost any type and form of photography. These presets will definitely take your photography to the next level.

There is a type of preset for just anything. For example, the Develop presets are one of the most prominent ones that enable you to store Develop settings. But you can get a whole lot of different types of presets like local adjustment presets, export presets, import presets, metadata presets, watermarking presets and many other presets that can be used to organize various processes in Lightroom.

lightroom presets 10 matte lightroom presets

How to Make the Best Use of Lightroom Presets

1. Familiarize Yourself with Presets

The more you use presets, the more efficient you become in using them. If you use them sparsely, you can’t be familiar with the presets you have. So, when time comes, you will have to spend a lot of time in finding the right preset, particularly if you have a collection of 70-80 presets. Regular use of presets helps you memorize their exact location and so, you can get them fast. It will also help you to decide which of them will be best for certain images. When you practice this, you optimize your workflow in Lightroom.

An additional tip here is to divide your presets in various groups according to their purpose for various styles/genres of photography. You can use a preset from a genre group for an image having a different genre. However, dividing them in such groups will make you more organized. In this regard, the Lightroom preset bundles on sale on are very useful.

lightroom presets 10 premium faded lightroom presets

2. Study How Other People Use Presets

While in the learning process, you can dissect a preset you have, to check how it takes a particular look. You can even check what the original designer of the preset has done and how the preset can affect your image, by going down to the individual sliders. By doing this, you can learn a lot about Lightroom, its adjustments and what your favorite photographers are doing in their post-processing.

Thus, when next time you will use your own presets, don’t only use them, but take them aside and analyze them for learning something.

lightroom presets 10 soft pastel lightroom presets

3. Set Your Favorite Presets Apart in a Separate Folder

In due course, you will realize that there are some presets that you like to use often. Take the liberty to form a new folder within your presets catalog and drag all your favorite and the best premium Lightroom presets there. Forming a new folder in the presets catalog is not difficult, though not quite instinctive if you haven’t done that before. If you click the + mark at the top right, new folder won’t be formed; it’s for forming new presets. Instead you will have to hover over the presets and right-click, select New Folder and then name the folder. Next, it’s easy to drag the presets from the other folders to the new folder.

lightroom presets 12 fuji pro lightroom presets

4. Use Various Presets Together

You will be amazed to know that several of the preset types can integrate and work together. You should just use them cleverly and they can help you automate most routine tasks like exporting or importing photographs.

Okay, it’s agreed that import presets may not be as cool as Develop presets. They are not much about creating striking images; or are they?

No haste please! Firstly, you can really embed a Develop preset in an import preset to apply it automatically. Secondly, if you make the most of those lesser-popular preset types (like in this case import presets), you can get a lot of free time by automating your routine tasks. Can you imagine how you can use all that free time for doing your creative work?

lightroom presets 15 luxe newborn lightroom presets

5. Don’t Hesitate to Fine Tune

For those who haven’t used the Develop module before, it can be quite intimidating. There are literally a lot of options to make your photo look great and also a lot of options to make it look horrible. Upon adding a preset, you can see the changes it has brought on the right side of Lightroom. If it is not up to your expectations, go back and experiment with the sliders a little to make it just how you want it. The fact is that no preset exists which will work ideally for any photo; hence you will have to make a few adjustments.

lightroom presets 18 wedding day lightroom presets

6. Enjoy Experimenting

Once you get used to using presets, it’s better start playing around them. By now, it will be much easier for you to tweak and fine tune them to your liking. The easier it is, the more often you will use certain looks. Take the liberty to use some of the presets as a base and then modify them, by changing them, tearing them down and rebuilding them. Not only this will be a great learning experience for you, but also it will give you some great new presets and you will enjoy it!

lightroom presets 40 pro cinematic lightroom presets

If you are using your Lightroom presets in an old-fashioned way, you are not exploiting their full potential. Presets have a lot of powerful and sophisticated features that you should explore.

Visit to get the best premium Lightroom presets and other Adobe products with which you can give your photography an all new dimension.

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