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Trendix Gaffers Tape – Secure Your Pricey Photography Gear and Become Stress-free

As a commercial photographer, I was proud to be well-equipped for any shoot with all my gear including my DSLR and Fujifilm, full frame and other lenses, Micro Four Thirds, tripod, flash, memory card, and accessories including filters, polarizer, rain cover, camera cleaning kit and a bag to keep all this in, until one day my extremely pricey and beloved cameras were placed on a table’s edge and was about to fall. Then again my 4-year old was about to fall down and get hurt due to the mess of wires spread on the floor. Then I realized that I needed something more.

And fortunately I got what I needed – it was the Trendix Gaffers Tape!

What is Trendix Gaffers Tape?

Trendix Gaffers Tape is a tape with which you can secure anything and everything – your equipment, loose cords, cables and wires, lamps, computer and TV, and more.

This is an adhesive tape which is lab-tested for a great tensile strength of N/25mm:50 and is 11 mil thick. It’s heat resistant and can tolerate a temperature up to 140°F. It causes no residue, so there is no risk of ugly stains or removal of paint or finish from the walls or any spot where you use it.

What I love the most about this tape is its MATTE Non-Reflective FINISH. This never interferes with the reflection during my photo-shoots.

Trendix Gaffers Tape

What do I Use it for?

Trendix Gaffers Tape is so wonderful. With it, I can now secure my valuable equipment to any spot and save it from accidental trips and falls. I can now rest assured and remain carefree about my gear about which I used to stay worried always. I’ve also got rid of the worries about I or anyone in my family getting trapped in the wires. I keep all the wires secured together to a wall or table with Trendix Gaffers Tape. It’s extremely easy to use too. I just remove it and even tear it with my hands without needing scissors or blade. It can be easily torn into halves and both the halved pieces do an excellent job of securing things.

It’s multipurpose! You can even use it for boat repair, fixing any wear and tear of your walls, carpet, wooden floor or cement or concrete structures, for bookbinding, keeping your very important papers bound together, and even on skin for body art, eyebrows, mustaches and boobs with no rashes, hives or puffiness on the skin. It’s the best replacement for electrical tape, hockey tape, painter’s tape, athletic tape and duct tape.

What is So Special about Trendix Gaffers Tape?

Trendix Gaffers Tape - residue free

Trendix Gaffers Tape is heat resistant, waterproof and abrasion resistant. So, I can take it anywhere I want. Whether I’m shooting in harsh sunlight, rains or any unkind terrain like mountains, jungles, huge crowds or anywhere else, it does its job perfectly. Also, because of its high heat resistance, it’s ideal for the electrical wires. I have used some other tapes too but the heated wire can melt the adhesiveness of glue on those normal tapes and leaves the messy melted residue. Gaffers tapes solves this.

Trendix Gaffers Tape

I recommend Trendix Gaffers Tape to all my photographer friends. Get it and get rid of any falls and trips of your gear forever.

by David Taylor