Tuesday, 20/2/2024 | 4:45 UTC+0
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Why and When to Hire a Lens

canon lensFor most photographers hiring a lens might be one of the hardest decisions. Who likes to see money spent for nothing instead of being invested wisely into new equipment? Nevertheless, it’s not wise to spend £1000 on a lens you may end up hating, neither. If you’re looking at a versatile, well known lens which you’ll use surely, hiring it might not be such a good idea. On the other hand, there are 2 situations when we do recommend hiring: for a lens you need immediately and for a lens you may not need later. 

So, if you need a specific lens now, for a wedding, a trip or because you’re having your main lens fixed – it’s completely alright to look into hiring a lens. Don’t come home from a trip to a distant destination kicking yourself for not spending £50 on, for example, some canon lens hire. So, if you have an urgent need for a lens and you don’t have enough time to shop around and look for the best deal, hire it.

When we said “a lens you may not need later”, we meant “lens you may not need at all”. If you’re into photography or you’re a pro, there are high chances you possess more than 3 lenses and yet you use only one in most cases. However, do you need others as well? Of course you do, but some of them not so often. In fact, there are lenses most of you will need only once or never. To make sure a new lens (one of those that you won’t use that often) is worth purchasing, it’s better to test it first. Hiring a lens is probably the best way to do that.

Finally, hiring equipment is especially worth considering when it comes to accessories. If you don’t have specific filters for your lens, you can hire them, too. Or, if you have an upcoming shoot which requires more lighting accessories than you could afford, give hiring a serious consideration.