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4 Amazing Places in Hamburg a Street Photographer Should Never Miss Photographing

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The beautiful country of Germany has no shortage of cities that have colorful human life, festivals, events, and not to mention, amazing architecture. Besides the capital Berlin, plenty of other German cities offer numerous photo opportunities to street photographers, prime among them being Hamburg. Hamburg has picture-perfect locations everywhere you turn to, enough to tempt you to capture them in your camera. If you’re planning to visit this lovely city, here are some of the most recommended photo hotspots in Hamburg for you.

1. Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen is a famous public park in Hamburg and one of the prime fotospots Hamburg. Not only the lush greenery will offer you some relaxing moments, but also you can capture some wonderful photos here. The 47-hectare garden houses a rose garden, a tropical greenhouse, a Japanese garden, an apothecary garden and amazing fountains. The view of the 280-m high Heinrich-Hertz-Turm (Telecommunication Tower) seen from the park is a bonus.

2. Steinwerder

Admire the Hamburg’s skyline at its best from Steinwerder located on the southern bank of the Elbe River which you can access by crossing the Alter Elbtunnel (Old Elbe Tunnel) or on a ferry. Especially if you visit it at sunset, you can get the breathtaking view of golden rays pouring over the city. The scene of night lights of the Hamburg Hafen district lighting up the night sky is not any less worth capturing in the camera.

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3. Landungsbrucken Station 

A railway station is the best place to capture a city’s social life and daily routine. The Landungsbrucken Station is no exception and hence, a street photographer can’t afford to miss a visit to this lively transport hub, located in the St. Pauli quarter. It connects S-Bahn, U-Bahn and ferries, and is an entrance of the Alter Elbtunnel.

4. Pedestrian Bridge Opposite Haus der Seefahrt

Were you aware of the fact that Hamburg has more canals than Venice and Amsterdam together and has more bridges than any other city in the world? The city is a major harbor in Germany and the second busiest in Europe. As it’s surrounded by water on all sides, you shouldn’t be surprised if you go on encountering bridges after bridges during your Hamburg visit.

Among these, the pedestrian bridge opposite Haus der Seefahrt (Seafaring House) is perhaps the most remarkable and photogenic. You can enjoy watching the old red brick buildings of Speicherstadt Hamburg from the bridge. It’s also popular among couples for attaching love locks to its railing.

So, when you visit Hamburg, don’t miss capturing these lovely places in your camera. They’ll definitely earn you fame and admiration as a street photographer!