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Get Prepared for Your First Boudoir Photography Shoot

johannie_valdes_by_seven15photos-d7wgjdkAlthough it’s not as common as family portraits, boudoir photography has taken very important place in overall photography business. Whether it’s because we’ve become more and more open and extrovert or seeking for attention, an increasing number of people (especially women) are booking boudoir photo sessions. We’ve asked an experienced photographer from to give us some useful tips on how to make your boudoir photos and overall experience the best they can be. 

Start planning your boudoir photo session as soon as you book it; that shouldn’t be daunting, but fun part of the whole process. What kind of outfits you would like to wear? Think about it and get them together. Don’t forget choosing the sexiest heels, props and accessories. When it comes to lingerie, although it can be nice, sometimes a tight t-shirt or over-sized button down-shirt can be even more provocative. Nevertheless, pick out some lingerie that you really like and feel comfortable wearing in front of the camera. If you have a significant other, use something meaningful to them: a musical instrument, sports fan hat or jersey, a favorite tie etc. It’s a great way to personalize your photo shoot.

A few days before the shoot, you should pamper yourself. So, do everything you would for some important event (such as wedding or a prom party): wax, shape and groom your eyebrows, get a haircut you’re happy with, go to a beauty parlor for a manicure and pedicure. Drink plenty of water and lower your salt intake. The day before the session, try to be as relaxed as possible and get a good night’s sleep.

Seven15Photography is run by a photographer currently living and working in Connecticut. Here you’ll get a top notch photo session, especially if you’re interested in boudoir, fashion or portraiture photography. Since the photographer has a solid background in graphic design, the studio is specialized in editorial work, too.